Contact BSG House – Host to animal abuse conferences!

BSG House (London) will be playing host to several important conferences in
March 2010. All of these conferences AstraZeneca will be present, and on one
occasion HLS themselves will also be there. Remember, these are the prestigious
occasions where companies like to flaunt their businesses to try and look like
normal companies. The harsh reality is that mutilating animals is NOT normal
business – and we need to make sure people are made very aware of this.

Please politely contact them with a short letter or use our sample letter below
and ask them not to support animal cruelty!

>> BSG House animal abuse conferences (March 2010):

15th - 16th March: CNS Clinical Trials
HLS and AstraZeneca are attending.

17th - 19th March: Conference on 5th Annual Pharmacovigilance
AstraZeneca and various other HLS customers are attending.

23rd - 24th March: Conference on 3rd annual Biomarkers
AstraZeneca are key speakers at this event.

30th - 31st March: Conference on Transnational Regenerative Medicine
AstraZeneca are key speakers and panellists at this event.

>> BSG House contact details:


Postal address:

BSG House
226-236 City Road

Tel: 020 7880 8888
Fax: 020 7390 8500


>> Sample Letter / E-mail

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to register my disgust that you are hosting conferences for both
Huntingdon Life Sciences and AstraZeneca on your premises during March 2010.
Both of these companies are complicit in horrendous animal cruelty, totally
needless animal experiments and misleading scientific testing.

Huntingdon Life Sciences are the most exposed animal testing laboratory in the
world, having now been exposed seven separate times by undercover journalists.
The footage, photos and testimonials can all be seen here:

Workers have been filmed cutting open animals while still alive, punching
puppies in the face, routinely flouting animal welfare regulations and
falsifying experimental test data. AstraZeneca pay for experiments inside HLS,
as well as experimenting on animals in their own laboratories. They were also
caught out in late 2008, when yet another undercover worker filmed injured
monkeys being strapped into chairs and forced to inhale toxic fumes – paid
for by AstraZeneca – see the full expose here:

I strongly urge that you do not allow these barbaric companies to attend
conferences at your premises.

Yours sincerely,
[your name]

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